Friday, October 5, 2012

Clean Out

I actually got to cleaning out the craft room properly.  It has been ages since it was started and I have yet to actually finish it.

But I did manage to empty 8 large bags of things - 5 bags of rubbish / throw out stuff;  2.5 bags of fabrics went to a friend for her craft group; another 2 bags will go to a kinder / preschool group.

I moved some drawers in next to the shelves and have started to put things in them.  I also ordered another set of drawers - hopefully they won't take too long to turn up and will arrive when hubby is not home.

Each tub I went through now has a large label on the front so I can tell what is in them.  I even went as far as itemising the things in the tub rather than just having a generic label (like odd bits and pieces).

I found lots of projects I had sort of forgotten about.  I found half of a project - not sure where the rest of it is, possibly in the wardrobe.  Also found part of a BOM I had managed to 'lose' - it is now with the rest of the coordinating BOM packs.  I have lots and lots of projects not yet started.  Things from magazines, BOM's, full kits for quilts / wall hangings / dolls.  I do believe that if I only worked on those kits / projects that I have already I just might get them all finished before I croak.  Scary thought.

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