For Sale

Here I will list some things I have made that are up for sale.

If they are listed at my Etsy store I will tell you that, but otherwise you will be able to contact me if you wish to purchase something.  I hope to have a few different things on here.

I used to make things to sell at a local market but don't go there anymore - life got in the way in my last year and I think I only made it to half of the dates set.  So I have a lot of things still that need a good home.  Mostly I sold table runners, small quilts, cloth dolls and bears but there are some painted folksy items, some xmas items and some other bits.

I also want to - need to - do something with the quilt tops I have made in the past year or two.  Once I have them quilted I will post them here and they too will be up for grabs.  Some of them you may even recognise from previous posts.

So happy shopping from my smoke free home and mostly pet free working environment.......

Cloth Stump Doll wearing a grey skirt/jacket (non removable).  All new fabrics. $40 plus P&H

Cloth  Owl Softie with black felt eyes, felt legs.  All new fabrics, polyester stuffing.  $10 plus P&H

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