Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craft Room cleanup

OMG.  I found another 2 boxes of knitting yarn and a jumper I started about 2 years ago (only half the back is done).  There was a lot less rubbish than I thought there would be. 

I have now grouped things into seperate large bags - hopefully it will stay that way.

The whole purpose of the cleanup was so sort thru the stuff (no I am NOT a hoarder) and make it easier to access things.  With it all now in large bags, if i need to get into the cupboard or drawers it won't be such an effort/pain in the butt to do so.

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a proper storage facility for it all.....  Wonder if I can get hubby to make me some shelves; hmmm......

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kitchen Update

Nearly done.  I have floor tiles and wall tiles, a working stove top.  Only needs to be painted and get the doors on.....


I have found most of my kntting yarn and catalogued it (rather anal I know).  Found that I have a LOT of yarn in single ball quantities.

Went shopping today and bought some more.  A nice purpley colour to make myself a jumper.  Once I start it, that will be project #6 on the go.

There's a cream shrug half done, a blue blanket half done, a blue crocheted baby jacket about quarter done, a pink and white blanket in crochet only 1 eighth done and a thick knobby hat half done.  Plus there are quite a few projects I want to do too - a koala, a kangaroo, a couple of bags, etc.

I really should work on something each night whilst watching tv.......