Thursday, July 25, 2013

6" Block Swap

Yesterday, after a bit of tidying up of the dining room, I put my sewing machine back where it belongs and got out the next batch of swap blocks to finish.

I already had the geese section done and pressed so all I had to do was make up the block.  I now have 30 of these done.  That's me halfway.  I have another 6 weeks to go before that have to be in the mail, but I would really like to send them off at the end of August just to be on the safe side as far as postage goes.  They have to go to the US and I would hate for them to be late.

Update: July 27 - I have done another 10 of these and have cut out a further 10 waiting to be sewn together.  And I have signed all 40 blocks......  I just need to press those signed and trim them to the correct size - they are ever so slightly off.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cali Mum's Quilting Bee

I have some definite participants for the Cali Mums Quilting Bee.  Five mum's have decided to give this a go.  One has already decided on her colour scheme - xmas - and another knows she wants to make one for her youngest with owls.

Today I did some colouring and have sent the mums a pic of it.  The colouring in is to give them an idea of what their quilt could look like.

Another of these ladies suggested we could collaborate on a quilt for the Cali Club to raffle.  I said maybe next year.  They need to learn with this one first before we go making one for someone to win.

Mind you I mentioned the raffle idea to the Fundraising lady - she thought it was brilliant and that it should be in club colours.  I wasn't too thrilled that idea - club colours are red and yellow.  But after a bit of thought I figured we could do a Grandmothers Garden type layout with red flowers and yellow centres, use different reds per flower.  I could even donate parts of my stash.

So now I am excited about that quilt too!!!  A couple of us could sit and do some cutting, bag up the pieces for each flower and then when someone wants to make one we show them how, give them a bag of bits and wait for it to be returned.  May have to see if we can get a cash donation for some wadding. 

Oh how I hate/love suggestions like these.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Another new start

I decided the other day to see if any of the Cali mum's would be interested in making a hand pieced hexagon quilt whilst they wait for their child's class to finish now that costumes are all done.  But then I figured that they should have something to look at before they decide whether or not to join in.

So I have started to make my own hexi quilt.  I am using 2 inch hexagons and am turning the back of the hexi over to the front - with batting in between - all stitched down by hand.  I am making lozenges and they will look kind of like this....

... although I am adding another round of hexagons.

My quilt when finished will be quite large - 200cm x 190cm approx.

I am using all soft coloured fabrics - a low volume quilt if you like.  The centre hexi of each lozenge and all the half lozenges and the corners will be the same pink mottly print.  The 8 lozenges will have 3 different fabric rounds - so that's 24 different fabrics.  I will use the same fabrics for the corners and the half lozenges.  Last night I made 6 hexi's and have sewn them together.  I am really liking the way it is turning out so far.  I'd say "only xx hexagons to go" but my brain can't work that out at the moment.  Let's just say it's a lot......