Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Needy Stitches

are getting the following sent to them by me.  I have done knitting for them in the past and, in going thru my craft room, found some  more items they can have.

First up we have a knitted babies hat - with ears.

Then there's a jacket and matcing hat.  This yarn is really soft.

Then we have a couple of knitted bags.  These are the same pattern and yarn, just done on different sized needles.

Now there's a bunch of beanies.  I used a circle loom for these.  Really easy to do, but hard on the hands.

This is a knitted shrug.  It was supposed t be for me, but it turned out to be too small.  Oh well....

These things are Soul Slippers - a really easy pattern to knit and quite comfy to wear.  One size fits most.

A toddlers jumper, hat and mitts this time.  Nice and bright self strip yarn.

And finally a triangle shawl - another easy peasy pattern.  Great for using up odd bits of yarn.  Just add in the new colour when needed.  I must admit I got a bit sick of making this one.  It probably should be a lot bigger, but I got bored with it.

And it could do with being blocked......

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Flimsy and 3 bags

I have another flimsy - or finished quilt top to be precise.

It's about 50" square and has at least 51 different fabrics in it. Each butterfly is different - I finally got around to using up a scrap bag of bright fabrics I bought aaagges ago.  Now to add it to the list of things to be quilted.  If I can get really organised I might even throw this on the quilt frame hubby made me and quilt it there.  Though I will have to keep it covered when not working on it so the cats don't use it as a hammock!!

I also ironed the laundry bags for Aussie Hero Quilts that I had in the wash.  Looks like no dye ran.  This is them.....

They look black/cream but are really navy blue and cream.

On another note - I had 1 mum from cali come over this morning for her first patchwork lesson.  She went home with 1 block made and another one the same as homework.

UPDATE 13.11.2012: Got word from the coordinator of Aussie Hero Quilts that my bags have arrived in Khandahar.  I got rather excited over that news.

Monday, October 22, 2012

And another finish

This morning I finished of making the 7th laundry bag for Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags).  I have 3 in the wash to check for dye runs - they are dark blue print and I'm not sure the blue will run - I hope not.  Would hate to have a soldier use the bag and have their wash turn grey!


There's a blue on with duck on it....

A yellow check on with a rust label area....

Another yellow check with a blue label area....

and a final yellow check one with a yellow check label area....

Once the blue ones are dry, it's off to the post office I go.

A Finish !!!

I finally finished off knitting 24 pairs of slippers for yougest cali team.

There are aound 3 or 4 of each stripe pattern.

A very easy pattern to knit and remember.

Some have more black in them, some more green, some more yellow - these are the club's colours.

I hope the girls all like them.

Update - they seemed to love them!  The noise in the room when tehy were handed out was incredible.  no-one had much of an idea as to what they were, but 1 worked it out.  Most of the girls tried them on - some even did a bit of practice in them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A very sad looking Giraffe

My youngest brought down one very sad looking Giraffe the other week and asked if I could fix him.

All the stuffing had somehow disappeared from his neck.

So I performed some surgery and found a most disgusting mess internally.

Goodness knows what the brown stuff is.  I know this Giraffe is rather old and came from China but this stuff was horrible.  Whilst it didn't smell it was sticky.

So I stuffed a bit here and there.  Then I stuffed some more, and a bit more, and then some more still until the Giraffe looked like this.

I added some thin dowel to his neck too. He could do with some surgey on 3 of his legs (I did one but run out of stuffing), but otherwise he is now a very happy looking chap.

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Page

I have just added another page to the blog. 

It lists all the kits and projects that I have yet to start and yet still would like to complete 'one day'. 

It is a long list.

If there is something there that you would like, I am up for a dialogue.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Clean Out

I actually got to cleaning out the craft room properly.  It has been ages since it was started and I have yet to actually finish it.

But I did manage to empty 8 large bags of things - 5 bags of rubbish / throw out stuff;  2.5 bags of fabrics went to a friend for her craft group; another 2 bags will go to a kinder / preschool group.

I moved some drawers in next to the shelves and have started to put things in them.  I also ordered another set of drawers - hopefully they won't take too long to turn up and will arrive when hubby is not home.

Each tub I went through now has a large label on the front so I can tell what is in them.  I even went as far as itemising the things in the tub rather than just having a generic label (like odd bits and pieces).

I found lots of projects I had sort of forgotten about.  I found half of a project - not sure where the rest of it is, possibly in the wardrobe.  Also found part of a BOM I had managed to 'lose' - it is now with the rest of the coordinating BOM packs.  I have lots and lots of projects not yet started.  Things from magazines, BOM's, full kits for quilts / wall hangings / dolls.  I do believe that if I only worked on those kits / projects that I have already I just might get them all finished before I croak.  Scary thought.