Thursday, October 18, 2012

A very sad looking Giraffe

My youngest brought down one very sad looking Giraffe the other week and asked if I could fix him.

All the stuffing had somehow disappeared from his neck.

So I performed some surgery and found a most disgusting mess internally.

Goodness knows what the brown stuff is.  I know this Giraffe is rather old and came from China but this stuff was horrible.  Whilst it didn't smell it was sticky.

So I stuffed a bit here and there.  Then I stuffed some more, and a bit more, and then some more still until the Giraffe looked like this.

I added some thin dowel to his neck too. He could do with some surgey on 3 of his legs (I did one but run out of stuffing), but otherwise he is now a very happy looking chap.


  1. My kids used to have that exact same giraffe!! I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying browsing through it. I had to laugh when I saw your pages of "things to be finished" and "things to be started".
    While I don't have the kits etc, I have my craft books/magazines with little sticky labels attached to all the things I want to make......last year when I counted them all I had sticky labels on approx 270 or so items!! Just never enough hours in the day is there lol

    1. There's just something about looking thru craft magazines and books and dreaming of the projects you'd like to make. I would say nearly every book/mag I own has a dog eared page in it somewhere......


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