Things to be finished

Thought I would list some things that I have started and should really get around to finishing.  It's amazing when you do a list like this how much ends up on it!
  • Blue and White kit - piecing needs to be completed  UPDATE!!!!!!  Today (Apr 27, 2013) I worked on this a bit and now have 5 rows of blocks.
  • Tiffany's - hand quilting to be completed
  • Flannelette Flowers - to be quilted
  • Jess's Stripey Stars - to be quilted
  • Phil's - piecing to be completed - is this in the wardrobe?? Yes
  • Beautiful Garden - 10% done
  • Satin Wack'n'Stack - to be quilted
  • Remembering the 50's - to be quilted
  • Flannelette Squares Cot Quilt - to be quilted
  • My Painted Baltimore - to be quilted
  • Wicca quilt - more borders to be added
  • Sudoku Quilt - to be quilted
  • Pam Bono Flower Garden - 8/12 blocks done

  • Black with Dresden Plates - piece blocks together and then quilt
  • Val Laird's Thoughts in Thread - to be quilted
  • Bright Butterflies quilt - to be quilted
  • Purple Gothic Weathervanes - I have made 2 x 12 inch blocks so far
  • Red/White/Linen large Swoon quilt - this is a single Swoon block with each part of the block cut at 6 inches.  To be quilted.
  • Squares quilt - to be quilted
  • SQT Friendship Swap quilt - to be quilted
  • Brown Jelly Roll flimsy - to be quilted
  • Bright Scrap jelly Roll - to be quilted
  • 2014 Cali Mum's Mystery quilt - to be quilted
  • Lime green Flannel bunting quilt - pinned and waiting on quilting to be started.
  • Pocket full of Posies - a piece 'o cake design - all background blocks done, 2 or 3 (can't remember) posies appliqued on.
 Cross Stitches:
  • Floral Alphabet Sampler - Update May 2014 - worked on this a bit over Xmas
  • Xmas Squares
  • Van Gogh's Starry Night
  • Maryanne's Thatch House
  • Doll House Carpet - this has also been worked on a bit since being listed here.
  • Family Tree
  • Dogs Have Masters - Cats have Slaves
  • The Orgy
  • Native Flowers
Other Projects:
  • Felt Snow Globe Wall hanging
  • Spirit Dolls
  • Grey Koala
  • Knitted Kangaroo
  • Blue Knitted Blanket
  • Cream knitted shrug
  •  3 socks - the 2nd one of a the pair
  • Blue knitted jumper for me
  • Cream Knitted cardigan for me - this is currently being worked on.   I'm using a lovely light acrylic/wool/mohair mix and a basic pattern.  I might put some small eyelets in the section above the armholes when I get to that point. - DONE!!!!
  • Stitch Me - Kitty - I have done the embroidery on this
  • Stitch Me - Bunny - I have done the embroidery on this
  • 7 Ballet Bears - DONE!!!!!!  Now to put them into a quilt