Things to be started.......

So I bit the bullet and actually looked at what I have in the way of kits - either purchased or put together myself - that are / were on my "I'd like to make that" list.

Boy is it loooong.

Nearly 60 items, so far.  I say so far as I have not yet finished cleaning up the craft room.  There are still 6 tubs to go and then there's the wardrobe to tackle....

So here's the list....  P = purchased

Cross stitches: all P
  • Dreams Have No Expiration Date
  • My Craft Room
  • The Pioneers - this is a triptych
  • Magic Garden - an Owl in a Tree
  • Hannah the Happy Witch
  • Fiona the Fay Witch
  • Gwendolyn the Great Witch
  • Mini - Striped Owl
  • Mini - Dotty Kitty
  • Mini - Bouncy Bunny
  • Mini - Bubble Blooms
  • Mini - Flap the Owl
  • Mini - Bird Cage
  • Joy Angel
  • Roses in a Coppertub - this is in a style similar to a Renoir
  • Lavender Scissor Keep
  • Mini Rose - with hoop
  • Mini Fish - with hoop
  • Mini Bear - with hoop
  • By the Light of the Moon
  • Last Minute (if it wasn't for this nothing would get done)
  • Four Seasons Bell Pull
  • Monogram "C" - not P

Soft Toys:
  • Baby Doll
  • Stitch Me - Babushka - P
  • Holly Noelle - felt kit - P

Quilts, Wall hangings and Runners:
  • Beary Patch wall hanging - P
  • Lavender and Lace quilt
  • High Light Big Block quilt
  • Little Sweet Hearts - red work quilt - P
  • Embroidered Butterflies quilt
  • Geisha/Plum Blossom/ Fan quilt - P
  • Redwork Daisies quilt - P
  • Flying Geese in Red quilt
  • Watercolour quilt - P
  • Xmas Swap Blocks I made
  • Xmas Swap Blocks I received
  • Goldfish quilt
  • Lone Star quilt - P
  • Wild Roses quilt - P
  • Shabby Chic bed runner - P
  • Winter Blooms Quilt - P
  • Berries and Bluebirds quilt - P
  • Fat Quater Bargello quilt - P
  • Calisthenics quilt - this is a quilt that I thought I would make for a Calisthenic club that shows 8 girls doing a calisthenic move in a cali formation.  It looks good in my head.....
  • Gum Leaves on the Pond quilt
  • Pink and White Singer quilt - this I started when working in a sewing machine store using a Singer Futura - not a bad machine BTW.
  • Purple White quilt
  • Flying Geese in Blue quilt
  • Tea for Two wall hanging - P
  • Sister's Choice blocks I received from a swap
  • Tucson Tracks quilt - P

Other things:
  • Ballet Bears Xmas Stocking - felt kit - P
  • Battenberg Lace doily - P
  • 2 Lots of traced table linen for Embroidery (for some reason the company sent this order twice - who am I to send their stuff up back?) - P
  • 2 lots of Punch needle Embroidery (in the same order as the traced linens) - P
  • Sewing Machine cover
  • Santa ornaments - felt kit - P

With that much lying around I reckon I could get rid of all my fabrics and only work on these things and still not get it all done.

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