Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cali Mum's Quilting Bee and a dress

Last night I

put the finishing touches to my fourth lozenge for my Cali Mum's Quilt Bee quilt. 

Here it is.....

It looks wrong, but it's not - just the angle the photo was taken on.

Two days ago I cut out and made myself a dress for summer.

I really like it.  The best bit is that I drafted the pattern myself using my measurements and no other pattern.  Luckily I have made many a costume/outfit using commercial patterns and have had to make alterations to fit the recipient so I have a fair idea of garment piece structure.  I even have (somewhere stashed away) a 1950's clothing pattern making book.  This is an Enid Gilchrist book and you have to draw up the patterns yourself from the diagrams and measurements given.  I have made a couple of things from this when the kids were young.  I remember there was 1 coat that I made that everyone always commented on when the child wore it.

If you want to know how I did up the pattern for this you only have to ask and I will do a tutorial.