Thursday, August 13, 2015

long time no see - err read - or something

In case anyone actually reads this blog - my apologies for not having anything to read for the past 10 months.  No excuses, just never got around to writing anything.

I currently have the urge to give my bedroom a make over.  Last time I tried that I got the window coverings sorted - painted the original terracotta vertical blinds a lovely shade of mottled green - and sponged more green paint onto 3/4 of the walls.  The last wall was never done as there is a lot of big furniture and 'stuff' along it - the whole length of it.

Now I am tired of green and want to go white.  So far I have made covers for the blinds and put them on.  They don't sit very well at all.  The fabric - a thick white cotton damask which I quite like - wants to buckle the blades of the blinds.  So of a night we get light in.  Not so bad most nights, but when the back neighbours leave their back light on - well let's just say I may as well have the blinds completely open.

Our bed is a mattress and base.  I have just now this minute come up with a simple idea to cover the base without having a loose valance over it.  Get a fitted sheet in the required colour/pattern, take off the mattress and put said fitted sheet on the base.  Brilliant isn't it?  Why I never thought of that before I'll never know.  All this talk about making / buying a gathered valance, making sure it stays put is now redundant.  I just have to make sure I get one that has a deep enough side wall.  Manchester Department here I come.