Thursday, July 4, 2019

Another Pattern Test

I can finally share a recent pattern I tested - another Rebecca Page pattern - the Monaco cover up.

Such a quick and easy sew, it will be great for summer.  You can find the details of how to get your own pattern here......

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Pattern Test

The pattern has finally been released, so I can now post this..........

About 2 weeks ago I was chosen to test the new Josephine Jumper by Rebecca Page.

After a few issues with facebook and getting accepted into the group they set up for it, I finally got to download the pattern and instructions.

25 pages of instructions and 29 pages of actual pattern later and I had something to work with. I drafted off the size I needed (XL) then picked my fabric - a floral knit. I did think of using a stripe but there was slightly more of the floral.

Laying out the pattern pieces I notice the grain line on the front is perpendicular to the back - what the.....

I decide to just go with it as my fabric is not directional and has 2 way stretch.

Sewed the front 2 bits together - I now have a piece of fabric that is about 1.5m long that I have to attach to the back. The fabric is slippery and drapey and just won't stay still.

So I have one shoulder seam sewn and now I have to twist the front over one full circle to sew the other shoulder seam.  Ok that's easy.

Not adding sleeves even though I did cut them out. I decided a top/jumper with floral sleeves is not a good look.

Found my marks to clip where indicated.  Hemmed where told to (after hemming the wrong side and unpicking it).

Moving on to attach the cowl to the back of the neck.  UUMMMM.  The written instructions do not make much sense.  Now I know how the Cali Mums feel.  Thank goodness for pics in the instructions.

Follow the pics, get the back neck sewn.  Wait - my clipped marks do not match up!  Post pic and ask question about if they should.  Get different answers, some saying fabric has stretched, some saying there's was the same.  Decided to just extend the seam to the hem. What else can I do.

On the home stretch now.  Hemmed the bottom edge and the armholes.  Yay! Finished.

Now to put it on to see if it fits.  It's a twisted up puzzle (I won't say mess) to put on.  I had to find the back of the cowl seam, use it find the shoulder seams and then the armholes, slide my arm into one armhole and then across to the other armhole.  I put it on a hanger to see how it looks.  Oooh, I think I like it.

Pop it on and head to the bathroom with my camera.  Urgh - need to clean mirror and clean up bench.  That's done.  Take front facing selfie in the mirror, take side facing pic in the mirror.  Decide I can't take a pic of the back with this camera.  Also decide I need someone else to take these pics for me.

Upload the front facing pic to the testing group with a promise of more to come.

I like the fit, just not the amount of fabric at the back of my neck (but I did make it on a warm autumn day).  The admin for the group comments on my post saying "ooh I love this on you". I feel quite please with myself.

24 Hours later and it seems I made a booboo.  I chose the size according to my upper arm measurement, not my hip measurement. Doing so would have meant I was to make the 3XL which is a full 8 inches (20cm) wider all around.  As this is my first test for anyone I put it down to newbie eagerness.

So now for the final make I suppose I should make the larger size. I was planning on making it in a grey cotton lycra, but I am not sure I would wear it with such a loose fit.

The item is described as a relaxed fit that is super comfy, sporty yet elegant.  A lot of the pics I have seen show garments that, to my mind, seem to be too big on the wearer.  Some of the wearers have even stated they feel theirs is too big, others have liked their make.

Sitting there typing this up I am thinking I might make the larger size as per the instructions, post up the pics of the final garment like a good girl.  Then when it's over run it in to the smaller size.  Though maybe the cotton lycra will behave differently to the floral polyester knit used as the first test make and I will like the final make.  Time will tell.

Mind you I did ask if there would be some adjustment to the pattern/instructions between the first and final makes that we had to accommodate - I didn't get an answer.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Pattern Testing Update

Opened up my email this morning and saw this......

"Dear Joy
Thank you so much for applying to join our Tester Team! We’d love for you to join in on all the fun.

Keep an eye out for the next call and volunteer when you’re interested!
We are so excited to add you to the team!"

Yay! I can't wait to see what the first item will be.

Now to get my machine serviced and my scissors sharpened.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pattern Testing

I just applied to be a pattern tester for Rebecca Page, a London based clothing designer (she designs other things too).  If I get accepted I will be making something for me every 3 months - yay me-made clothing!  I will just have to slot it into the schedule.

Here's hoping.

oh, this is her blog.....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sewing for me

After spending months sewing for other people i feel it's time i did some sewing for myself.  I have some fabric I would like to use and an idea that I am going to give a go.

The idea is to sew each of the garments that the blogger of It's Always Autumn has made and put up patterns and tutorials for. She has t-shirts, long sleeve tees and a few different dresses that I quite like.

First up will be a long sleeved tee in a grey stripe knit. This is the base pattern with added long sleeves from which the dresses are made.  It's still winter here and quite cold for Melbourne so I think this will be a great start.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

To Market, To Market

Going to a local Makers Market next weekend - no not buying a fat pig.

I will be taking my hand knitted shawls, scarves, cowls and headbands as well as some framed embroideries, some hand beaded satin bags and a few crocheted wash cloth sets.  Oh I wil also have a couple of NCWs and two Zipper Wallets.

After the market all that didn't sell will be re-photographed and put up for sale on both my facebook page as well as on my Etsy store.

Here's hoping I don't have to take lots of photos.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beanies, Hats and Headbands

I have just put up a short video of the beanies, hats and headbands I have on my facebook page.
Pop on over to have a look.
They are all up for sale.

Here's the link: