Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Flimsy


This one went together really quickly.  I did stuff up the layout a bit - that's what happens when you put the blocks aside for a week or so.  Whilst it doesn't look like the pattern I think it still looks good.

As you can see it is folded in half.  I am going to quilt straight lines in the middle of the pink bars going all the way across to the border and then do some straight lines around the border in a rectangle.  It will then be donated to a cali club for Mother's day.

I have also finished the flimsy for the Mystery Quilt I have been getting some mums at Cali to do.

I can't show you that as I don't know if any of them know of my blog.  It is nearly at an end anyway, so I guess I can reveal it in a week or two.  Maybe when I have actually quilted it?