Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cali Mum's Quilting Bee

I have some definite participants for the Cali Mums Quilting Bee.  Five mum's have decided to give this a go.  One has already decided on her colour scheme - xmas - and another knows she wants to make one for her youngest with owls.

Today I did some colouring and have sent the mums a pic of it.  The colouring in is to give them an idea of what their quilt could look like.

Another of these ladies suggested we could collaborate on a quilt for the Cali Club to raffle.  I said maybe next year.  They need to learn with this one first before we go making one for someone to win.

Mind you I mentioned the raffle idea to the Fundraising lady - she thought it was brilliant and that it should be in club colours.  I wasn't too thrilled that idea - club colours are red and yellow.  But after a bit of thought I figured we could do a Grandmothers Garden type layout with red flowers and yellow centres, use different reds per flower.  I could even donate parts of my stash.

So now I am excited about that quilt too!!!  A couple of us could sit and do some cutting, bag up the pieces for each flower and then when someone wants to make one we show them how, give them a bag of bits and wait for it to be returned.  May have to see if we can get a cash donation for some wadding. 

Oh how I hate/love suggestions like these.

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