Monday, May 26, 2014

MSNP Syndrome has kicked in with a vengeance

this weekend.

It made me start not 1 but 3 new projects!

The first one is a quilt I will donate to a local scouting performing group.

So far I have put together 8 blocks - I need 125 to make the quilt.

The next one was a house quilt I found on the web.  I figured I could make a smaller version of this......

... starting with this little block...

It's from the blog - building houses from scraps - a dutch blog but has English translations too.  The owner of the blog has lots of pics of quilts people made during 2012 as they made 1 house per day for the quilts.  They are all amazing.  There's even one from a lady in Australia.

Mine measures 4.5 inches unfinished, is rather wonky - hand pieced.  I may try doing it by machine.  I think the door is too high and that it would look better with 1 larger window rather than 2.  I also need to mix up the fabrics a bit more.

It only needs 143 friends and just possibly a larger embroidered friend too.  I have figured out that if I use 8 different colours I need 18 in each colour way.  I will have black sashing and red cornerstones like the one above.  The black will be the only fabric I buy - the rest will come from the stash.

And then there's these guys.....

They belong to a Dear Jane type of quilt - 198 blocks in total both pieced and appliqued.  Also a stash buster...

Am I crazy?

At least the last 2 projects are things that I can work on as the mood takes me.  They are all only small blocks so shouldn't take too long to make. 

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