Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recent Craft Endeavours

Lately I have been bitten by the knitting bug.  In order to get over it quickly I have been knitting little things.  Things like these.....

and these.....

I have also been doing a bit of dress making.  Not for me or anyone I know, but baby burial items.  I found some moire taffeta and some satin in my stash of fabrics and I made these two dresses.....

The funny looking thing at the top of the above pic is a small bonnet.  The bootees can be seen better in the first pic.

I have about 8 flannelette  burial gowns too and I am knitting bonnets and bootees to go with them.  I also need to make some bloomers - luckily I also found some silk lining fabric that will suffice.

There is an Australian chapter of Angel Baby Gowns and I intend the satin items to go to them - if they ever answer my numerous emails.  If they don't that's their loss as I know a midwife who would take them.

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