Saturday, December 1, 2012


Would love to post some pics of the blocks I have recently put together but I can't find my camera!!!

There are 28 Woven Logs blocks, each measuring 10.5" square in yellows and blacks with a red center.  You will have to imagine these since there is not pic....  They are going in a 4 x 7 configuration.

With the left over fabrics I managed to get 5 split rail type blocks which I have bordered in red; 2 Woven Log blocks; and 4 strip sets.  To these I am adding a plain Grey fabric to make up another quilt top. I hope the Grey I already have is suitable once it is all cut up and put together.

If I had my camera I could also show you the 5 laundry bags I have made......

I could also show you some embroidery I have done recently.  In cleaning up the craft room a bit, I found (or is that re-found??) some simple embroidry kits I had purchased ages ago.  There were 7 of some bears in tutus doing something balletic and 3 softie toys to stitch.  So, I am working my way thru them. 

I have 4 of the bears embroidery finished and 1.5 of the softies embroidery finished.  The bears will go into a quilt that I will donate to to the local cali club to raffle.  The softies I'm not too sure what I'll do with yet.

I'm off to have breakky and then look for that elusive camera......

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