Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Purse

Ok, so It's not really a new purse, but I was tired of the outer layer of my purse flaking off.

See the discoloured bit in the middle - that's where the vinyl came off.  It was horrible.  The stuff would end up all over my hand.  So after 1 hour of cutting, stitching and glueing I now have a 'new' purse.

Isn't it pretty?  No more flaking stuff.  It's been like this a ciuple of weeks now and so far it is holding up quite well.  I wanted to sew on the fabric all around, but the vinyl was gumming up my needle too much - I ended up gluing half of it to the original bit.

Here is some little cross stitches I did for my eldest daughters cali team members.  They did bugs for one of their items.

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