Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Beaver

I have been busy making things recently.  Making up for lost time during the year I spose.

Some fabric ATC's - there was 3 more but they have already been given away:

Some Christmas Ornaments for my niece and nephew:

Some more ornaments for some friends:

Also made 2 Christmas stockings, 1 for my Sister and another for a friend, plus the friend's hubby got a knitted willy warmer.  Sorry guys - no pics of these.....

I had lots of fun making all of these shut away in my Craft Room.  I have to shut the door otherwise I get help from Neo.  Here he is sitting on the ironing board not impressed that I won't let him sit on my knee or what I was working on at the time.  He often helps me type things too......

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