Saturday, November 6, 2010

Xmas List

This event is running at me full speed.......

We usually go to my sisters for xmas day lunch-come-dinner.  This year she is having her arteries lasered and is not suppoed to work for 2 weeks after the operation.  So I volunteered our place to our Mum.  Got the usual excuses - her kids like to be home and see their Dad (sister is divorced) and their other Grandma comes over....

I get a bit sick of hearing this every year.  So we will see if my sister takes me up on the offer.

Either way, I have decided to try and make some pressies this year.  Mum is going to get a table runner and some matching placemats; sister is going to get a bed runner (I think), my niece may get a bag with some money (got heaps of patterns to pick from) and the nephew - yeah, well, no idea.  12yo boys are hard to buy for.  Even more so when they are not your own.

So got some fabric for Mum's pressie, found the pattern I want to use; washed fabric today so it's ready to go.

As for my 3 children and idea for the kids.  Have an idea for the hubby (a wet gear bag for when we go 4wding).  He saw one ages ago and thought it was a good idea.  Luckily that idea got tucked away in the memory banks.  Luckier still that bank opened.  Actually I do have an idea for the kids.  1 has been overseas and the other 2 are planning to go in the future, so I think I will get them all passport holders.  Well that's a start anyway

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