Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neo, the Adventure Kitty

5:40am, Saturday....

I look around me to see who is looking.  Good, no one is around.  As I steathily jump up onto the now open wall space I hear a sound..  Oh no!  Dad has caught me.  I am most annoyed at him and I swish my tail to tell him so as he places me back on the floor.  "Blah, blah, blah", he says as he walks out the front door.  I hear the car go taking Dad off to work.

Right, check again for likely do gooders.  Nope, they are all alseep.  Back up into the wall space I go.  Squeeze myself past the green box, through the clear plastic and I'm in.  It's a bit of a tight squeeze up between the bricks and the wood work, but I've done it before.  Sissy doesn't want to come this morning. 

I'm past the bricks now.  A few webs, but no resident spiders.  Cave exploring (read roof space here, for you humans) is great.  Large space, lots of wood to climb on and sharpen my claws on.  Soft funny smelling stuff is scattered all over the place.  I wonder what animal put it there.  Maybe it is their bedding.  Time to see if I can go up to the next level.  there's only one way up to that level - a steep climb up some silvery tubey stuff.  Maybe next time.

5:55am.....  Time to get down now; feeling rather hungry after all this exercise.  Crawl into the long low narrow space.  I think this is above Mum's bed.  Call her, "Wake up woman, I'm hungry" (read miaow here for you humans - really I don't know why you haven't learnt to speak cat; I mean we've had you as slaves for so long).  Doesn't sound like she is going to get up.  Try again, "Wake up!".  And again.  And again.  Finally she answers. 

I make my way to that square hole that leads into my bathroom.  Goodness she is taking her time.  Ok, square hole opens up.  I peek my head over the edge to see Mum standing on a chair making noise at me.  She offers me her paw, but I am not interested in smelling it.  If she would get out of the way I think I could jump down to the clothes washer.  Carefully step onto the bottom ledge, she raises her paw at me again.  Let her pat my head.  Ugh!!  She has me by the scruff of the neck and pulls.  Gees woman, don't drag me out of here, I'll fall and hurt myself.  She knocks off my foot from the ledge, pulls a bit more and then manages to put her paw under my tummy.  Ok, can relax now as I get lifted out of the cave.  Get a bit of a cuddle and a brush down to remove webs, then plonked onto the cothes washer whilst she closes up the square hole.

Time for breakfast!!

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