Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kitchen Update

2 Weeks ago we found out that the company that we had engaged to make the flat panels for the kitchen could not supply it anymore.  Any wonder we had not heard fom them after 6 weeks.  So this has meant that we have had to find another company that could make a similar thing.  Luckily hubby had kept that sort of info on his computer.

So we are back at square 2 with the kitchen renno.  Found a new company, got a quote, and have paid a deposit.  They have contacted us a few times with some questions about appliance sizes - so It looks like they are actually doing something.  Maybe I'll have a new kitchen for Christmas.

Hubby has done a bit more demolition and a bit of building.  I'll post the pics of where we are at soon.  The demolition has enabled Neo to become Adventure Kitty and sissy, as he calls her, to become Tahnee Fluffy Pants. (She always was that, but she too has gone adventuring into the roof space.)  They are a troublesome pair and will pull away the plastic we have taped over the wall space to get inside it.  We have had to put some boxes in front of the space too in an effort to stop them getting in there.  Not that they can do any harm whilst in the roof, it's just a pain getting them to come back out again when they walk around up there miaowing. 

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