Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year

Been on holidays for 2 weeks now and have I been busy.  No  pics to show but I'll tell you what I have managed to get done.

10 crocheted wash cloths, 
finished the applique on Jess's quilt, 
cut out and then put together a small hexagon wall hanging, 
put together 35 diamonds to make a start on a tumbling block small wall hanging. 

Now I am back to my Van Gogh cross stitch.

With the weather being so extreme here I have been swimming (or rather standing) in the pool at the caravan park.  One day I counted 61 people - kids and adults - in it.  It was clearly standing room only.  Today (wednesday Jan 9) is quite cool.  There will be no need to have the fan on when I go to sleep tonight.  I may even start off with the doona over me.

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