Monday, January 28, 2013

Glued to the TV and magazine clean out

No, not watching replays of the tennis - watching the news to see if our house in Bundaberg will go under with the floods.  So far it looks safe - hopefully it stays that way.

After seeing a post by Jenny of Elefantz about her new craft room I really need to go thru all of my craft magazines and dispose of those I no longer wish to keep.  I usually fold over page corners to 'tag' projects I think I want to do one day.  I think I need to go thru them all again and see if I still want to do those projects.  What with the amount on my 'Things to finish' list and on my 'Projects to start' list maybe I should just turf out every magazine that is not associated to a current/waiting project - even without going thru them.

I'm sure hubby would like that!!

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