Thursday, August 23, 2012

MSNP has kicked in

Nasty Blogger has kicked in my MSNP Syndrome!!  After spending hours, um some time, looking around at blogs I got that old bug to start a new project.  Like I don't have enough already on the go!  I even have 2 versions of it floating around in my head.  Drawing up the design didn't stop the MSNP either - as it usually does.

Today I just had to get some fabric to start on this new project.  It's a butterfly/spooly type of block.  There will be 49 blocks sashed and bordered in the same colour as the background of the block.  One with bright wings and brown bodies and a black background, another in country colours, orange bodies and cream background.  They will be getting donated to some ladies I know who makes quilts for charity (local hospital cancer ward).  These same ladies will also be getting some of my stash - when I get around to sorting it out.

I also bought some Tana Lawn to make up 3 quick quilts that I will donate to the 3 calisthenic clubs are family is associated with.  They will be bagged affairs with polar fleece as the wadding in the middle - horrible I know to those die hard quilters out there - but it's all a matter of budget (or rather my lack of it) and they won't have any idea anyway.

PS.  Ever tried typing with a cat sitting between you and the keyboard???

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