Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Busy

Was a bit busy last week.  What with taking back on the treasurers job for the girls calisthenics club, I managed to get two quilt tops finished, backing sewn together and now they are just waiting to be quilted.  These I think I should do myself on my quilt frame.  That will make hubby really happy.  He made the frame a few years ago and I have hardly used it for it's intended purpose.  It has been used to store things on and under. 

So here is number 1.  It's made from new and recycled flannel fabrics.

It is going to have a red binding; the backing is also flannel so it should be nice and snuggly.

The other one I finished is a sudoku quilt top.

This was fun, yet frustrating to make.  Fun - to see how all the colours went together.  Frustrating when the blocks all got turned around and I had to sit and figure which way they went.  Not sure if the pic does the colours any justice.  They are really bright and the green is amost fluoro.  I am really pleased with how this turned out.

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