Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear Jane quilts

There's been a bit of chatter recently over on the yahoo group Small Quilt Talk about Dear Jane quilts.  It seems a number of the members have also been making this quilt for themselves over the years and a few of them are inspired to get moving on it.

It makes me want to get involved too!!

I have long admired this quilt; not only for the history of it and it's intricacy, but also because it is a really nice quilt.  Some that I have seen on the internet have used all sorts of colour combinations - brights, monotones, solids.

I have the book 501 Quilt blocks and have gone thru it in the past to gather together assorted blocks to make my own type of Dear Jane - but it would have to be a WTF WYT Joy quilt.  Nearly 200 x 4.5 inch blocks is enough to make you go crazy, never mind the triangles Jane has on hers.......

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