Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cali Mum's Quilting Bee #3

I have finally gotten around to finishing off my 3rd lozenge for my Cali Mum's Quilting Bee quilt.  Hubby and I spent 6 days doing nothing but listening to cows and sheep recently and I took some craft supplies with me.  One lot was to work some more on this quilt.

I have also cut out and sewn up 2 rounds for my 4th lozenge and am half way thru putting together the last round.  Won't be long before it's done also.
Another of the mum's asked about me making her daughter one of these quilts.  I told her she would not want to pay the price I would ask for it.  Whilst away I did some math.  To make one to fit a single bed - approx. 160 x 200 cm - if I charged $10 an hour for my time and passed on costs for fabric and wadding she would be up for around $2500!  To make the bigger one that I am doing the cost would be more like $3600.  I haven't told her yet - didn't get the chance when I saw her last.  As much as she loves her baby girl (the child's 7) I doubt very much that she would pay this much for a quilt even if it is entirely hand sewn.
Whilst away I also finished off a sock that has been on the needles for some time and I knitted it's friend.  Sadly though, 1 of them is either to big or too small.  I have to figure out which.  I was not thinking and managed to knit the second foot about 1.5 inches longer than the first one.  Oppsy!
I also worked some more on my Cross Stitch Dolls House bedroom carpet.  It's being worked on 32 count even weave linen with 1 strand.  when I first started it I needed a magnifying glass to see the fabric.  Now - since it's been so long - my eyes have altered and I can see it quite well so long as I don't wear my glasses.  I am short sighted after all.
In a week I am going to my first market in over 2 years to sell some hand made goodies.  I am taking along a couple of small quilts, all my cloth dolls and some bears.  Hopefully I make some money.
This lady is one of the items for sale.  She is designed to hang on the wall.  I will make her a friend wearing a cream dress with gold stars.  The friend will hold some bells on rope.


This little bunny will also be at the market...

As will this lady....

And this Owl...

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