Monday, September 2, 2013

Aussie Hero Quilt

Ages ago I was sent some blocks to put together to make a quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts.  I'm talking like at the start of the year ages ago.

I have had one of these quilts sewn together and pinned up with wadding and backing for months too.

Well yesterday I finally got around to quilting and binding it.  It sat there for ages as I had no idea on how I wanted to quilt it and calisthenics stuff got in the way.  The coordinator didn't seem to be in a hurry for them - so I didn't hurry either.

This is it......

I know it's sideways - just tip your head over.

I did straight line quilting on my Brother machine from corner to corner on all the red, blue, brown large squares as well as on all the small squares.  I didn't do anything with the yellow rectangles.  Once I came up with this idea it went really quickly.  The binding went on easily too.  I machined sewn it on - even the folded over bit.  Usually I hand sew that bit down, but I decided not to with this one. 

The label they have to have had already been attached to the backing - now it has been quilted thru it.  This will make it harder to remove.

This quilt; and the other 2; were all sent to me by Jan-Maree.  They are selection of BOM's the AHQ group did and sent to her.  She asked for someone to help put them together - I volunteered.

None of the blocks are my sewing - all I did was sew the blocks together, quilt and bind it.

I hope the final recipient likes it.

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