Friday, August 30, 2013

6 inch Block Swap

These have all been made and sent off to the lady coordinating the swap.  She has even posted that she has received them.  Yay for the postal services - Australian and US.

This is the first 40 I made.  I signed them in different ways using my old pigma pen.

This is the last 20 I made.  These is signed all the same -just around the edge of the centre square - using a new pen.  This pen is much finer than my old one.

So that is 60 blocks made for the swap.  Luckily I just happened to find a post that some people had pulled out - so I kept 4 for myself. 

I have 8 others that I made as test blocks to check the instructions and my sewing and I will make up 1 more in each of the colour ways above so I have a record of the blocks I made and sent away.  I should get 56 blocks back - and if my thinking is correct one of the return blocks will be 1 I made myself.  I don't want to have these blocks sitting around in a bag doing nothing but getting old, so I am going to sew them together with the test blocks plus the extra 'my record' blocks into some sort of a quilt.  So that will give me 56 blocks sent/received, 8 test blocks plus 11 'my record' blocks I will only have to make a few more to make a decent sized quilt.  Five should probably do it.  That would give me a quilt that measures 48" x 60" without any borders.  Once it is together it is not going to sit about as a flimsy either.  I will send it off to my local quilter.

But that is a long way off.  All the blocks don't have to be at the coordinators until the end of September and she won't be sending them out until October.

Patience must be practiced.

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