Sunday, June 2, 2013

Small Quilt Talk Swap

Yay it is finished and in the post.  I had to unwrap the parcel I am sending my swap partner as I had forgotten to take some pics.  I will load these when she receives it.  I don't want to spoil any surprises.

I have quilted the swap quilt very simply.  The pattern I used has lots of bias edges and it is seamed together.  I think this pattern should really be paper pieced.  It would stop a lot of the stretching that seaming created.  I was going to hand quilt around each of the patterned shapes, thus outlining them, but once it was all together it was rather ripple-y so I just quilted across the connecting diamonds and around the inner edge of the border.

I think it turned out ok and I hope my swap partner is not disappointed with it.  I have also sent her some extras in the package.

Now to decide if I want to make on for myself.  I have done this in the past with other swaps I have participated in.  It makes for a nice record of what I have made and gets me past the 'I really like this and can't bear to part with it' feeling.

Here's a pic of 1 wall in my craft cave.  It looks a bit different now in that the tubs have labels and there's not as much stuff sitting if front of them.  But it is still not as neat and tidy as I see in other peoples craft room photos.

Oh and there are some drawer tot he right of the shelves.....

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