Sunday, June 16, 2013

Small Quilt Swap sent and received

My parcel has arrived, so I can now show you what I sent to my swap partner, Anna.

First up is her quilt.  I made it from stash fabrics, including some vintage fabrics I have been given.  there are 41 different fabrics in the top!!

It really was a pain in the arse to make.  All those bias edges, I should have paper pieced it.  Oh well, live and learn.

This is the back...

A lovely softly coloured piece (bought new) showing typical australian animals.  Anna lives in Wisconsin USA so the Aussie animals were perfect for her, I thought.

A close up of the label that I hand embroidered.  It was done freehand too that's why it's rather wonky.

And lastly the fabrics I sent to her and a mug rug.  the fabrics were all purchased new.  The green in them is a gorgeous turquiose that is so popluar right now - at least in the interior design world.

She said she liked the quilt - I hope she did.  She also said she was going to use the mug rug and the fabric in a mini Australia lesson to the 3 yo children she teaches. I may ask her how many children that is and then send over a clip Koala with flag for them all.  They aren't all that expensive to buy.  Postage is a bit dear though.

I have a parcel from her too.  She sent the quilt.....

and some fabrics, 3 patterns, a porcelain doll that she made in the 70's (I don't think she knew I had a doll house), 2 flags and a tourist brochure for her town in Wisconsin.

The doll is really sweet and means my children and the baby now have a mother (in the doll house).

One  of the patterns was her hand drawn one for the quilt she made me.  I may have a tinker with it to see if I can get bottom half of the quilt (see the pic above) to repeat.

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