Friday, March 22, 2013

Purple Mini Quilt

I showed you this in my last post......

Well I have gotten around to finishing it and hanging it.  I even found the same fabric as the border (it was hiding on me).  I hand quilted it on the cross diagonal tot he blocks in a size 10 thread in white.  I think it looks quite nice.  I'd show you a pic but I can't find my camera cable to connect it to my pc.

I also took a pic of my mini gallery - I'd show you that too if I could.  I now have 5 mini quilts hanging on the wall.

This is what the gallery looked like

 before I added the purple one above, this one below....

and this one....

This last one has now been backed with plain white.  It hangs below the blue tumbling blocks.  The hexi one is between the tumbling blocks and the red centered cross one.  The purple one hangs above the tumbling blocks.

You'll just have to use your imagination!!

On another note, I agreed to help out Aussie Hero Quilts with some sewing.  Jan-Maree sent me 3 sets of blocks to put together into quilts.  Two need borders, but 1 doesn't.  I have put together the one without the borders.  I bought some wadding and I will get something for the backing too.  I will have a go at quilting these on my frame.  Nothing too flash - that's for sure since I have only ever done spot quilting on it before.  Spot quilting is my version of tying a quilt, just uses a sewing machine to do it.

I was looking at my list of things to finish the other day - I did remove some of them as they had been done - but not enough.  I keep letting other projects get in the way.  That's a bad habit to have.  It creates too many UFO's.  At least the craft room is looking a bit tidier.

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