Thursday, September 9, 2010

What has life thrown me?

  • Parents who want to see me and mine far more than I am capable of providing...

  • A husband who took the words "I'm tired of the colour of the kitchen.  How about we paint it, cupboards and all" to mean lets redesign the whole thing, gut it completely and change it all.  I'll do all the work (I'm good at building things); we can get it cheaply from a place in Warnambool (3.5hrs away), even cheaper if we go pick it up.

  • Children who expect me to be able to collect them from work/school/etc when they feel like a lift....
I don't really want this blog to be whinge fest so hopefully that is out of my system.  I hope to get up some pics of the kitchen as it progresses - it currently has concrete as the floor as the tiles have been rippped up.  I also took some pics of the animals last night as well as a painting I have done for the calisthenic club, and I intend on posting them also.

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