Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In 2 days ....

I'm packing up and heading off for a 3 month vacation heading north doing the grey nomad thing.

Hubby and I will be seeing the sights in far north Queensland without the encumbrance of ankle biters (kids for the uninitiated).  Hopefully we won't get stuck too often in mud or sand, or rained out, or eaten alive by small bitey things or see many of the large bitey things (unless they're fish we can eat).

I am taking prbably way too many handcrafts with me - there's some knitting (22 pairs of soul slippers), some patchwork (be attitude quilt to make), and a cross stitch or 2 (a japanese bell pull I have been working on for a few years now and Van Gogh's starry night).  There's also my DS going and 5 books.  I think that's enough to keep me busy. 

We are towing a camper trailer - that's a tent attached to a trailer - and the associated paraphernalia that goes with it.

With a bit of luck we will have internet capabilities, so I may be able to update you all along the way.

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