Thursday, April 5, 2012


I bought a monthly magazine the other day just because it had instructions on how to paint a beachy/sea scene.  Like I don't have enough mags and books on the subject!

But it got me inspired to bring out the paints and the brushes again.  I think the end product is not too bad.  I used acrylics on a stretched canvas.  I will be donating it to one of the girls calisthenics clubs for their end of year concert raffle.

Then when I went shopping a few days later I came across a canvas with a frame and a pic lightly drawn on it.  Pic looked ok, so I bought it - $12 only - and have this morning finished painting it.  Way brighter than the pic given.  The paints given were terrible to use - great if you were dabbing them on but not if you were trying to sweep them on.  Not entirely sure I like this one.

Maybe it will look better once it is in it's frame.

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