Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quilt for Melb Gang Show

So, after managing to get information from my son about the theme to this years Melbourne Gang Show, I did some research on said theme and found some applique shapes that are pre-cut and ready to attach.  I also found a pattern that looks easy enough to do in the time I have to make a quilt.  I have doctored the pattern slightly to fit my idea of what it should look like.

Next I got hold of a ticket booking form for Gang Show - copied the dragon from it - did I forget to mention it is about a dragon??  I enlarged the dragon onto A3 paper and printed it out.  This gave the basis for the main applique in the centre.

The quilt will look like a number of picture frames hanging in 3 rows, with each row on the same ribbon.  The ribbon goes from the top of the quilt to the bottom of the quilt to anchor them.  There are 4 pictures in the end 2 rows and 3 in the centre row.

So I fused the pre-cut shapes to their background fabrics and then to work on the main dragon.  Once he was fused in place and I started to do the zigzag stitch around him I got to thinking.  Do I really want to donate this to Gang Show for them to do whatever with it?  What if they aren't doing a raffle this year?  The idea was for them to make some money out of it.  If it became a silent auction prize it could sell for way less than what I have paid for it in materials, never mind time.  What to do????

I decided to show my son and talk to him about it.  At this point I beginning to think that I could give it to him - after all he is now a patrol leader for the first time - this would be a sort of congratulatory quilt.

I talked him through the design of it, showed him the pre-cut images all fused down, then showed him the centre piece.  His reaction was amazing.  I forget how many times he said "oh wow!".  But the decision has been made - it's now going to be his.

After sitting there for a couple of weeks now untouched, today I cut the sashing to go around the images - the frames if you will.  Sundays are now officially "JOY" days - days for me to do what ever I like that gives me JOY.  Now all I have to do is convince everyone else in the house of this and to let me be to enJOY them.

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